We have new leasing options!

Have you found yourself wanting to spend more time with your horse during lessons? Does it feel like you’re always running out of time during your session; right when things are getting good? If this is true for you, then you should take a closer look at our new leasing options.


Lease scheduling is for a 3 hour time block each day, either morning or afternoon sessions.

Discounted private $50 and group $40 lessons

Discounted Open Ride pricing-$15 for your 2 hour session

Accountability and goal planning options with your coach

Are you only available 1 day a week? We have a lease for you! Do you want to come more than one day a week? We have leasing options for you too! Our new leasing packages can be tailor made to fit you. You can lease:

  • 1 day a week each month=$200
  • 2 days a week=$300
  • 3 days a week=$400 (**this level includes one 30 minute lesson a week with the instructor of your choice)

Let’s do the math…

If you have 1 lesson a week in a month’s time, you will spend $240 for 4 hours. If you lease for 1 day a week and work with your horse for 2 hours each visit, you are saving $280. If you spend 3 hours each visit, you would save $520!

Remember that you can add additional time to your lease by taking part in Open Ride Day or scheduling a private lesson with your favorite instructor at a discounted rate. Also, keep in mind that these numbers only increase with the number of days you decide to lease.

Special Notes

  • You must have approval from a Five Horses’ instructor to sign up for the leasing programs. Riders should be able to walk/trot confidently offline and be able to saddle their horse on their own.
  • Leasing is not the same as having a lesson. Instructors will be present during ride-time for leasing riders, but will not be providing personalized instruction during this time. However, instructors are always available if you need help or to offer tips/advice.
  • There are limited numbers of horses available for lease. Be sure to reserve your’s today!

Not ready to lease yet?

We understand that there are some people who want to lease, but don’t quite meet the riding prequisites just yet. Never fear! We have some great options for you:)

If leasing a horse is your goal, but you need a little more personalized attention before you’re ready to be set loose on your own, you should consider some of our lesson packages. Here are some of the packages we’re currently offering:

  • Package of 4 Private Lessons for $200-buying the package saves you $40!
  • Package of 4 Group Lessons for $160-ride with a friend and save $40!

Contact us at info@fivehorses.com to resesrve your lease horse today!